Sep 29 2015

ASIS International Seminar - An experience

By Suyog Raut

I attended ASIS international 61st ANNUAL seminar and exhibits in Anaheim, California. I represented Contextine Solutions and participated as an exhibitor along with Solink Corporation, Ottawa based company, provider of innovative solutions in security industry. Contextine solutions is a technology partner with Solink Corporation. In this show, Solink announced the integration of Contextine's Case Management Solution for Solink's cutting edge platform for fraud prevention.

Here are some highlights of ASIS show from my perspective:

This was a massive security expo that offered the latest technology innovations available and their hands-on demonstrations for security industry professionals across the world. It was very exciting to see everyone ranging from large enterprise end users, Influential integrators to enthusiastic pop innovators visiting our booth within the three days of the show.

How it helped Contextine as an exhibitor?

  1. It gave us an opportunity to talk to many potential customers for Contextine's Case Management and received numerous and crucial inputs about their requirements, features which they would like to see in any Case Management Solution.

  2. It was evident from reactions of many customers, that it’s very important to have Case Management built-in with a platform for fraud prevention. I could see how advantageous it is to have Contextine Case management Solution integrated with Solink's platform.

  3. It was good experience to educate many visitors about Case management and its importance in streamlining their fraud investigations which usually is a cumbersome task.

  4. I also visited all other booths in ASIS. From a business's point of view, my visits to the other booths were beneficial. Here's why:

    • I could see what my competitors are doing and where their product is heading. It was helpful to introspect my product and its offerings too. Also, realized my product offers few unique features too

    • It gave an excellent overview of where the technology (in security) is heading. I could connect with other businesses as well and it was astonishing to see such innovative technologies in this industry. I stood enthralled to see the vastness of the areas covered in the security expo (ranging from handheld device security, drone security, financial institutions and retail sector to mega-city surveillance).

    • We met few exhibitors in the booth, who were my potential customers too. I educated them about the features of my product and exchanged our contacts. What else can you ask for ? :)

During the show, every second there was a great opportunity to meet someone new and interesting personalities in the security industry. ASIS played a critical role in fusing and developing the security movement of the future. As an exhibitor, It gave us the ability to maximize the impact whenever any organization wants to launch a product and want to do it in a big way.

It's an excellent forum for security software vendors, manufacturers to turn up and talk to the whole world about where the market is heading and what can we do as an industry to make things better.