Effective, Faster case investigations

  • Simple, effective and slick interface to manage cases from it's inception to resolution
  • Summary of cases with vital information on the screen
  • Efficient and faster search engine and intuitive filters to locate cases.
  • Drag and drop the documents, evidences such as video clips, images to specific cases with preview images

Strong Collaboration

  • Get automatically notified via Email or Pop-up notifications when your attention is required in an investigation or case
  • Engage team members by just tagging their names in the notes, which notifies them via emails
  • Enable collective efforts allowing teams to add comments on the cases
  • Auto save feature

Vigilant tracking of tasks/activities

  • Keeps a track of individual activities such as interview scheduled or a case follow-up with third parties involved
  • Generate reminders, alerts for overdue tasks
  • Automatic case status updates as you progress through the case investigation
  • Follow-up case progress

Standardized reports

  • Create and print consistent case summary reports with just a click
  • Dynamic dashboard gives you an insight into trends and issues in your organization, to identify risks
  • Generate individual reports to understand investigator team's productivity

Cloud presence

  • Secured and High availability of current and historical cases accessible at centralized location from any location through a web browser

Coming Soon

Customize your screens and work-flows

  • Customize the fields, screens and the work-flows as per your requirements